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    Pretty Pony Ranch A Premier Equine Facility in Eastern Oklahoma offering: Foundation Bred AQHA Horses, Natural Horsemanship, Colt Starting, Horse Maintenance Programs, Rehabilitation, Horse Motel Layovers, Private lessons

    Amenities include

    • Sand Outdoor Arena
    • Covered Roundpen
    • 40+ Stalls
    • Large pens with Runs
    • RV Hook ups
  • The Pretty Pony Ranch was established in 2003 with the purchase of dun stallion, BH HANCOCKS STAR, known as “Maverick”. This young stallion began my journey, my dream of raising, breeding and showing registered American Quarter Horses with wonderful minds, great attitudes, size and color. The first time I saw Maverick was at the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo in Colorado Springs. I had just returned to the USA after living overseas for 12 yrs. This was the first live rodeo I had ever attended and when the pickup man rode out on this beautiful young stallion, I couldn’t keep my eyes of him. The rodeo ended and I couldn’t stop thinking of the dun stallion that I saw. I returned the next night but unbeknownst to me, Maverick had the night off and a different horse had the pickup duty. The following night I returned again, and there I saw Maverick standing in the alley way, patiently waiting for his turn in the arena. There was a young cowboy sitting on top of Maverick, roping the horse’s ears with a pigging string. Maverick just stood there quietly with his eyes closed. I mustered enough courage to go down to the arena floor and ask this young man about the stallion. Dalton Ward was just 11 yrs old at the time. He politely told me that Maverick was ridden and owned by his father, Billy Ward. I later found out that Billy Ward was a 7 times NFR Pick up man and that he had bought Maverick from another pickup man, Bart Nichols a year earlier. As I watched Billy and Maverick work that final rodeo performance, I knew that this horse had crossed my path for a reason. I had just returned from overseas just 3 months earlier and didn’t even own a halter or a lead rope. I certainly didn’t have a place suitable to keep a stallion. Was I crazy?! I hadn’t ridden a horse in over 28 years. What was I thinking?! Before Billy Ward and his wonderful family left that weekend to return to their ranch in Wyoming, I had bought the stallion called Maverick. BH HANCOCKS STAR was born in 1999 on the Bob Hurley BH Ranch in Clarksville, AR. A 9000 acre horse and cattle ranch in the green rolling hills of western Arkansas, the Hurley Ranch and the BH brand was well known in rodeo circles for breeding top performance horses, primarily rope horses with big bone and lots of color. The BH mare herd topped 160 at one time, and the stallions included sons of Smug Reed and Oklahoma Fuel. Foundation bloodlines mixed with speed proved to be a winning combination.

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    For boarding, layovers or Special Needs Phone: 479-222-4700

    Special needs horses are those horses that will need extra attention at the ranch. Reasons for the extra attention could be extremely valuable horses, injury, illness, or any other reason you feel may warrant.

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